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Ortoceres is a stage in the Fishing On Orfű festivál - as know as PMFC stage. The basic idea was to create a big cone, what includes place for the musicians, and the audience as well! The main structure - what is our own design - are series of 15 degree offset hexagon sections which are expanding and expanding!


The Ship is our first work in Fishing On Orfű fest. As a goal is, we want to build a stage, yet one that is somehow more, one that you can't see normally on the peak of a hill…


That mobile installation was originally created in the form of a big ring. Marking a big entrance (like a timegate) on a student festival in Pécs. The following year we are transformed that ring for a five-legd octopus which we called “pentopus”.  

The structures made out of plywood, looks like a bicycle chain. The result of this structure reminds us of Jules Verne’s underwater boat...


For covering our courtyard we planned a glass house from recycled materials. After collecting dozens of old windows, we fabricated a big roof whit more “mono pitch” trusses. That structure gave us a huge space, without any legs in the middle. After some long weeks of experimenting, we decided not to use the frames of the old windows just made new ones with the old glassis…

RECEPTION in Saint Gallen

In Saint Gallen we designed a hall, for Escape Company GmbH. Our project was building a new community space for the visitors in groups, who are waiting for their game to begin. Making a space clear, functional, and one that corresponds with the original brand of the company.


Szabadkikötő - means: “freeport” - is a community space in the center of Pécs! Kikötő is a caffé, a concert venue, a playground, a co-working office, and our workshop as well! We rent that place from the city to make some real meeting spot in the town for our cultural cooperative, and for our big family! (All the design and work made on site by our “ad hoc” team!)


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